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Rescue Ladder KF (A)

Small as a Book - Tall as a High Rise

  • Fireproof folded ladder made of steel rope and aluminium steps
  • Version A with spacers for climbing down an even front
  • Ubiquitous steel hook for quick fixing
  • Lengths: 5, 8, 12 meters


The KF rescue ladder is a folded ladder made of steel rope and aluminium steps. As it is fireproof, safe and versatile, the ladder is used for preventive fire protection in over 50 countries. In Sweden, a country with exemplary safety standards, the ladders are recommended by leading insurance companies.

When the KF rescue ladder is folded according to the unique safety patent system, it needs only minimal storage space. It easily fits in a suitcase, a desk or on an office shelf. In addition, it is maintenance-free and practically lasting forever due to its materials.

A KF rescue ladder is ready to use quickly and without effort. Simply hinge it and loosen the retraining clip, that's all. After a few seconds, the way to safety will be open.

The patented KF rescue ladders have been produced in Germany for over 25 yeards and were already positively valuated by various public authorities when they were first marketed. These rescue ladders are part of the stock of the German Federal Association for Self Protection. They are easy to handle and can save your life.

Technical Data


Name Length in m Storeys Weight kg Dimensions cm (folded)

KF compact A5

5 2 4.7 33 x 20 x 19

KF compact A8

8 3 6.8 33 x 20 x 19

KF compact A12

12 4 8.9 33 x 20 x 19








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