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Dog Trainer HT50

Effective training aid for your dog

  • set consists of vibration device and remote control
  • the vibration device is attached to the dog collar
  • the short vibration distracts the dog
  • 2 possibilities can be set to trigger the vibration: loud barking (to stop the dog from undesirable barking) or pressing a button on the remote control (to distract the dog from undesirable behaviour)
  • doesn't hurt and is nonhazardous for the dog
  • fields of application are e. g. when the dog jumps up on somebody, digs or chases animals, etc.
  • not suitable for permanent use, only as a training aid!
  • to train dogs with a weight of min. 3.5 kg.
  • incl. batteries and attachment clip


Technical Data:

Vibration device:

  • operating device: 3 V DC
  • power supply: 1 x battery CR2450
  • switch: OFF / Noise / Remote control
  • dimensions: 75 x 50 x 18 mm
  • weight: 36 g (incl. battery)

Remote control:

  • operating voltage: 3 V DC
  • power supply: 1 x battery CR2032
  • transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • transmission range: approx. 20 m (in open space)
  • dimensions: 37 x 68 x 7 mm
  • weight: 18 g (incl. battery)





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